Professor Nova Smith’s Soc 203 and 207 classes

We seem to be getting a few requests for help with Professor Nova Smith’s Soc 203 and 207 classes. The assignment is:

1. You have read several articles so far that show the way that tolerance is a key for modern society to function which also shapes individual behavior and our relations with others. Using these articles, describe how this can produce either healthy or unhealthy behaviors and family relations.

2. You read earlier in the term about parenting and narcissism as well as narcissism and the unhealthy self. Using these articles, describe what narcissism is and how it impacts both individual behavior and social relations, especially in the family.

3. Social relations are shaped by hegemonic structures that determine expectations for a person based on sexual and gender identity. Describe how these structures are shaped, for example, how the family is crucial in this process.

4. Also, we read earlier about quantum sociology and the way that this idea reveals that this process of shaping expectations and identity is complex with multiple layers of meaning, such as the difference that race, class or gender makes about any of this. Describe also how this also shapes our perception of others based on our race, class or gender.

Again, this midterm is an eight (8) page paper, title page, single space, roman time 12 font/ APA format. 10 sources are needed in Reference page. Abstract Concepts, Logic, and Critical Analysis is required for this research paper.


Some students have approached me as if they have to write a single essay that covers all of these topic.  But that appears not to be the case. I’ve reached out to the professor and found that this is a take-home essay test. Each question is to be answered separately, and each answer should be approximately 2 single-spaced pages.

Some students believe they have to answer each question through the lens of a single topic, ie.: I helped one student find resources for beauty standards and Latinx girls as those topics correspond to the 4 essay questions above. I have reached out to the professor, and though her wording was vague, I do believe that she wants all questions to be answered around a certain theme.

If you are having trouble answering these ref questions (I’ve so far spent at least an hour with three separate students) here are some search strategies that have helped:



Question 1:

(tolerance or toleration or acceptance) AND (society or community or environment or culture) AND  (interpersonal relations or family or marriage) + (student topic)

Question 2:

(narciss* AND parent*) AND (impact or effect or influence or outcome or result or consequence) AND (behavior or socialization or relations*)  + (student topic)

Question 3:

(hegemon* or (social structures and power)) AND (sexual identity or sexual orientation or gender or gender roles or sex roles) AND (parent* or family)  + (student topic)

Question 4:

(identity or self-concept) AND (race or class or gender) AND (impact or effect)  + (student topic)

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